20 countries attend Oman desalination conference

The Environmental Research and Studies Centre at the Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) has organised this week's four-day International Conference in Muscat on "Water Desalination, Environment and Marine Outfall Systems" under the auspices of Najib bin Ali al-Rowas, undersecretary of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs with the participation of 20 countries reports the Oman News Agency. Dr Mahad Ba Ouin, director of the Environmental Research and Studies Centre delivered a speech during which he explained that due to the large amount of salt water drained into the sea, desalination plants are one of the main sources of land and sea pollution in the Gulf. He said that knowing the current desalination systems, the marine outfall systems and environment related issues is important to preserve natural resources and the development of techniques to improve the management of water desalination plants. Neil Palmer, chief executive of the National Centre for Excellence in Desalination in Australia presented a paper entitled "Reducing Carbon Emissions in Water Desalination," during which he spoke about the participation of his organization since it was established in 2009 in the area of reducing carbon emissions in water desalination, using high-efficient and affordable facilities and techniques. He added that the system of water desalination using solar energy for hyper saline groundwater and the use of geothermal energy for water desalination are one of the environment-friendly technologies that are used in water hyper saline in various regions of Australia. Other topics include:

•Desalination Brine and Industrial Discharges •Resource Recovery and Carbon Emission from Desalination Plants •Nanotechnology and Desalination •Environmental Costs of Desalination: The Economic Aspects •Desalination and Renewable Energy Source The conference ends on April 16.

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