World Water Day 2022: Groundwater

To mark World Water Day, we have brought together a selection of Filtration+Separation feature articles covering groundwater. Read about the importance of groundwater and the filtration and separation technologies that are protecting it.

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Harnessing the power of nature

A Lebanese tech start-up has created a digital and hardware solution which tackles the economic and social challenges of wastewater treatment. Its nature-based system uses a series of water tanks that imitate aquatic habitats, eliminating the need for chemicals, desludging or large investment.

Reusing dirty water

The world’s population is spiraling while climate change is having an increasingly profound impact on the environment putting a finite global water supply under growing pressure. Here we look at how water recycling is becoming a necessity to help ease supply.

Evoqua's UV generator improves water treatment works

Mosswood WWTW in the UK supplies up to 135 million litres per day of drinking water to the local population. To improve its reliability and future resilience, an ultra-­compact UV generator from water treatment specialist Evoqua was installed

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