Water treatment plant cuts carbon emissions by about 70%

Water & Process Technologies helped the Region of Peel maximize the lifespan of its membranes.
Water & Process Technologies helped the Region of Peel maximize the lifespan of its membranes.

Using GE’s Water & Process Technologies’ asset performance management solution, the region of Peel, Ontario, Canada, optimized the timing of its system upgrade with new membranes to ensure that the drinking water continued to be safe and reliable for its residents. At the same time, a membrane cassette refurbishment program plans to save the Lakeview Water Treatment Plant over $1.5 million, while minimizing environmental impact.

Energy savings

Working together, Water & Process Technologies and the Region of Peel determined the optimal replacement timing for membranes in each section of the plant using the InSight* asset performance management (APM) platform. Armed with the data generated from InSight, which identified the remaining useful life of its membranes plant wide, the Region of Peel decided to upgrade the Lakeview plant to the latest ZeeWeed* 1000 ultrafiltration membrane technology in two phases. This will subsequently improve membrane permeability and generate additional energy savings, both of which enable the plant to meet its expected life cycle costs and performance targets.

InSight’s analytical capabilities were an important factor in helping to determine the optimal replacement program. By monitoring and trending key performance indicators, InSight showed which trains were nearing replacement. Using this data, Water & Process Technologies helped the Region of Peel maximize the lifespan of its membranes by ensuring they were not replaced too early, which would mean unnecessary spending, or too late, which would risk the water quality and the safety of its residents.

Membrane replacement

The membrane replacement also includes several environmental benefits and cost saving opportunities for the region. The Region of Peel chose Water & Process Technologies’ cassette refurbishment program, which reuses the existing cassette frame rather than replacing it. This reduced the amount of waste from stainless steel components and saved additional water and energy that would have been used to manufacture new frames.

A further environmental impact was generated by reducing the amount of plastic and cardboard needed in the shipping process, eliminating up to 7,000 plastic bags and cardboard boxes. These programmes should save the Region of Peel more than $1.5 million while minimizing the overall impact to the environment. The Lakeview Water Treatment Plant produces up to 436 million litres per day (96 million gallons per day) of treated drinking water. Water is taken from nearby Lake Ontario and treated for distribution to more than 800,000 people. Installation of the ZeeWeed 1000 membranes will take place in two stages, with the first phase being completed in the fourth quarter of 2016 and the second phase toward the end of 2017, resulting in an average life cycle of greater than 10 years.