The compressible media FlexFilter is being used for the removal of algae following a lagoon treatment process and prior to additional treatment in a subsequent nitrification process.

This is the first FlexFilter system installation since WWETCO was acquired by WesTech Engineering Inc last year.
The FlexFilter uses a synthetic compressible media to capture solids in a high rate filtration process. The influent liquid applies a hydrostatic force to a flexible bladder causing the media to compress. The tapered compression provides for a densely compacted media bed at the bottom of the filter that graduates to an expanded bed toward the surface.
“With the recent launch of the WWETCO products under the WesTech umbrella and the exposure at WEFTEC, the new requests for information, design work and pilot requests has shot through the roof,” said John Gottschall, general manager of WWETCO LLC. “The simplicity and flexibility of this product will truly be a game-changer in how we look at equipment for primary treatment, tertiary filtration, and CSO/SSO treatment.”