The facility has the capacity to treat up to 200 000 litres per day of combined hazardous and non-hazardous effluent waste streams, such as oil and water from vehicle wash downs, cutting fluids, emulsified oils, inks and dyes, pigments and paints, leachates, paper and pulp washings and more. The onsite transfer station has an additional storage capacity for hazardous and non-hazardous wastes of nearly 400 tons and 250 tons respectively.

The Konsolidator system provides sufficient filtration performance to handle a variety of difficult-to-process waste water streams, resulting in effluent compliant with local regulations.
“The KMS Ultrafiltration System Konsolidator proved to be an ideal solution, providing a cost-effective alternative to conventional chemical and physical wastewater treatment,” said Francis Tebbutt, facility and technical manager at Oates Environmental Ltd. “In the past, the use of various chemicals and flocculants for conventional treatment resulted in a very expensive and labour-intensive process producing large amounts of sludge, which needed to be removed for offsite disposal.”