RWO presents new sewage treatment plant CleanSewage Bio

“We are pleased to present a system to the market which combines the success of our former wastewater series Biopure and WWT-LC with some new features that even our customers may not have thought about yet. The one-side-access of the plant is certainly one of those features. But we’ve listened carefully to our partners and identified some needs that CleanSewage Bio adapts in the best way possible,” Chief Sales Officer Florian Schmidt-Bormann proudly explains.

The one-side-access of CleanSewage Bio gives significant space savings in the engine room, allowing planning without maintenance space at both sides and the back of the system. Together with a very compact system design, the space demand is up to 25% smaller than its competitors, depending on the capacity.

To ease operation and bring failure rates to the lowest possible, RWO has developed an intuitive status control which enables checking the plant’s status at a glance. By the internationally understandable traffic light principle three LEDs signal if the system is running or an intervention is necessary. Inside the switchbox, every aggregate can be controlled manually to adjust the settings of the system to the individual travel route – a feature that enables savings in consumables and lowers total cost of ownership.