Pall’s technical paper is entitled ‘Particle Control in UPW (Ultrapure Water) Through the use of Filtration Validated or Removal Performance’. Dr Gotlinsky will present the paper at the Executive Forum on the opening day of the Ultrapure Water Micro 2010 conference, to be held 16-17 November in Mesa, Arizona. In his presentation, Dr Gotlinsky will outline methods to rate and validate filters and filtration modules which will ensure the reliable removal of particles from UPW at and below the 20 nanometer level. The filtered water enables the production of the fine line patterns used in the manufacture of the latest electronic devices.

Dr Gotlinsky said: “Filtration can control particles in UPW at levels significantly below current measurement capabilities. Pall’s robust rating and validation process certifies that filter performance meets the 2009 ITRS requirements for particle control in UPW for semiconductor processes.”