End users of ceramic membranes need simple, reliable and operator friendly treatment options that are robust to influent variations and can withstand aggressive cleaning. Nanostone Water has significantly improved its product design and manufacturing process since launching the CM-131 in 2015.  The company says that the improvements have enabled it to bring the CM-151 to market with 20% more surface area and better system economics, offering lower total cost of ownership.
The CM-151 product is now certified to NSF-61 standards and the company anticipates NSF-419 certification later in 2017. Along with these certifications, the CM-151 process design is compatible with open-platform ultrafiltration skid packages in the marketplace, which enables easier adoption and retrofits.
The new CM-151™ from Nanostone Water.  
The CM-151 is manufactured at Nanostone’s newly expanded facility in Germany where production is underway and the first CM-151 product shipments are planned for Q2 2017.