Specialist in advanced automation and process control for membrane systems, IntelliFlux Controls, recently introduced its next generation Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based process control software for water treatment and process plant management.

The core AI and machine learning engines of IntelliFlux, the Augmented Process Recommendation & Industrial Control Optimization Tools (APRICOT), was developed into a standalone software platform, on which a broader set of water treatment and process plant optimisation solutions can be customised. 

APRICOT is the basis for the next generation of IntelliFlux SmartMode2.0 control software which targets autonomous control of water treatment and chemical process plants. Engineered with machine learning algorithms, SmartMode2.0 software enables optimisation of multiple process components in addition to membrane filtration.

It means that SmartMode2.0 can optimise any process sequence containing multiple treatment technologies, such as media filtration, coagulation, bioprocesses, thermal and reactive systems. With this added capability, IntelliFlux Controls can now provide end-to-end decision automation for water treatment and process plants.