These first contracts come only four months following the announcement of H2O Innovation India’s creation. For one of the contracts, H2O Innovation India will provide large-size, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis systems for the treatment of river water. This will provide treated water for cooling towers make-up, boilers feed water, processes water and drinking water along with reclamation and reuse of cooling towers blowdown waste waters at a large industrial facility. The facility’s ultimate objective is to achieve zero discharge of waste waters, conserving source water, minimizing pollution, and meeting regulatory guidelines. Another contract awarded to H2O Innovation India will have it provide a medium-sized condensate polishing systems for exports.

Frédéric Dugré, president and CEO of H2O Innovation Inc said: “We are very happy to see H2O Innovation India successfully secure its first contracts so quickly after the beginning of its activities. We are confident that H2O Innovation India’s team of water treatment experts will build on these first successes to develop a growing presence in the Indian industrial, commercial, and institutional water treatment industry, build a sales pipeline and pursue its sales objectives.”