The Sievers 5310 C Portable TOC analyser from GE Instruments is the first to be specifically designed for the municipal water market. It is also suitable for engineering companies, universities and research facilities. The technology enables in-field, continuous monitoring of raw and finished water TOC levels. It helps improve plant processes such as coagulant addition, finished drinking water monitoring for disinfection byproducts control and distribution security monitoring.
The portable instrument is the third in a series of GE’s Sievers 5310 C TOC Analysers, along with separate laboratory and online models that were also developed by GE.
TOC monitoring is required by the US EPA as part of the ‘Stage 1 Disinfectants/Disinfection Byproducts (DBP) Rule’, since DBPs form from the interaction of TOC and a disinfectant in water. DBPs in water have been shown to cause cancer over many years of exposure.
The analyser has automated features and does not require the use of external reagents or gas supplies. Its operating range is between four parts per billion and 50 parts per million TOC. It uses Sievers membrane conductometric technology for measuring TOC.
GE also has also improved its inorganic carbon remover (ICR) system for use with its 900 and 5310C series of TOC analysers. The ICR reduces inorganic carbon levels in sample streams with high inorganic carbon/total organic carbon (IC/TOC) ratios to produce more accurate TOC results. The ICR uses approximately 50% less acid than its predecessor.