The company will exclusively supply a proprietary electrochemical cassette containing its newly developed ion-selective membranes for HydroNovation Inc’s HydroDI “salt-free softeners” systems targeting residential point-of entry (POE) and commercial applications such as food and beverage outlets.
The HydroDI System cost-effectively removes both hardness ions and other ions such as nitrates, lead and arsenic from water using electrical potential without the use of any chemicals.
Evoqua will continue to further refine the electrochemical desalination technology for the municipal, industrial brackish and seawater desalination markets.
“Evoqua’s innovative, adjustable electrochemical desalination technology offers a highly flexible, cost-effective means to remove dissolved solids,” said Rodney Aulick, Evoqua senior vice president and Industrial Segment lead. “Commercialisation of the technology marks a major milestone and we look forward to continuing to enhance the technology for a wide variety of markets where footprint and low energy consumption are at a premium.”