The Danish ferry company DFDS is to install DESMI Ocean Guard A/S’s CompactClean Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) on its existing fleet of vessels.

A frame agreement between the two companies covers more than 40 ferries to be retrofitted from early 2020 until the end of 2024. Most of the vessels will be retrofitted with either a CompactClean-340 or a CompactClean-500 system, with maximum flow capacities of 340 m3/h and 500 m3/h respectively. A few vessels will be retrofitted with CompactClean BWMS with 750 m3/h or 1000 m3/h capacity.

“With the very small footprint, ease of operation and completely chemical free treatment of the ballast water, CompactClean is a good and safe choice for passenger ferries, and we look very much forward to begin the implementation across the DFDS fleet,” said Rasmus Folsø, CEO of DESMI Ocean Guard.