Ambassador Clive Alderton tours Biwater’s wastewater works in Morocco
Mr. Clive Alderton with Ahmed Ouakkas, CEO of
Service Management of Water and Sanitation (RAMSA).


Collaborating to provide a detailed presentation and tour of the facility, Biwater and Service Management of Water and Sanitation (RAMSA) representatives led the Ambassador around the project site providing an overview of the process elements and the resultant reuse potential of the effluent that will be produced.

Hosting the Ambassador, Ahmed Ouakkas, CEO of RAMSA said, “We welcome high-level delegation visits to our Aourir site such as this, because they showcase our commitment to delivering reuse solutions that support the local economy. The Ambassador was delighted to see such a successful partnership between British Engieering firm Biwater and our local Moroccan water utility company, RAMSA.”

Currently civil works are underway with equipment installation scheduled for the end of April.

Once complete, the new wastewater treatment plant will serve over 60,000 local residents, while also providing for the bounty of tourists who flock to the city of Aourir annually.