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Water & wastewater features, January 2021

HRS believes Covid-19 needs a flexible approach

Here we examine how UK water companies should prioritise spending and investment in the light of Covid-19.


Three wastewater treatment plants were investigated to compare the ability of sand filters to retain microplastics from secondary treated effluents.


A water recycling system uses the latest ultrafiltration technology to deliver a low-energy and responsive water reuse system for buildings.


This article examines how Vienna's wastewater treatment plant transformed from being a major energy consumer into net producer.


Effluent for reuse can be obtained by reverse osmosis filtration.


Eaton has developed an automatic tubular backwashing filter that reduces freshwater consumption during paper manufacture.


This study found that UF permeate quality met the latest EU regulation for agricultural irrigation.


How a retrofit at a US wastewater treatment plant integrated an automated rake system to clean and clear the bar screen during storm events.


Investigating the potential of the widely-used Neosepta MSED membranes and the new Fujifilm MSED membranes to treat wastewater in greenhouses.


An anaerobic digestion process that decreases the volume of undigested sludge and increases the biogas yield, improving the AD circular economy.


Integrated systems can purify water, minimize wastes and extract useful substances.


Investigating the effect of fiber length and operational conditions on the performance of hollow fiber nanofiltration membranes.


The new machinery removes up to 70% more contaminant and recycles 98% of waste product.


How Flowrox's Smart Filtration technology offers a user-friendly, filter-specific picture of filter performance.


How one company re-evaluated its filtrate pump systems and found a solution which helps meet sustainability targets and improves productivity.


A look at a technology which utilises the surface area of filter media to make a more efficient effluent treatment process.


How specially adapted automatic basket strainers from Eaton, designed for high pressure, minimised control valve wear in a Swiss power plant.


This study evaluates the performance of different membranes in removing microplastics within a simple system for use in a domestic environment.

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The webinar will look at common filter underdrain options to meet water quality regulations.


Through the joint test project, SNWA will evaluate the capabilities of Xylem's Water Network Optimization solution.


The design and engineering of MBBR and IFAS wastewater treatment plants is full of obstacles and mistakes made can be hard to remedy.


Cembrane recently joined the Ovivo group.


NX Filtration's direct nanofiltration membranes seek to offer strong advantages to meet the challenges of water scarcity.

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