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Water & wastewater features, January 2013

Wastewater treatment: Tackling phosphate removal

Sand filters have been employed on the East Anglian Broads in the United Kingdom to reduce the impact of phosphates in sewage discharge. Filtration+Separat

Oil and gas: Treatment and discharge of produced waters offshore

There are some very specific problems that need to be overcome when dealing with produced waters from offshore oil and gas production. In the first of a se


A new series of compact, pre-engineered seawater and brackish water reverse osmosis systems that incorporate Hyflux's proprietary Kristal® ultrafiltration


The effects of attachment surface energy on biofilms have been evaluated for wastewater treatment, with biofilms grown on four plastic types at a full-scal


An integrated process that couples reverse osmosis (RO) with a hybrid ion exchange-ultrafiltration method is studied for removing boron from geothermal wat


An open high-rate bioreactor is used to exclusively bio-reduce selenate to selenite, with the selenite subsequently reduced by chemical means under optimal


This study of microgranular adsorptive filtration (µGAF) investigates the role of adsorbent particle size, adsorbent surface loading, and membrane pore siz


This novel process recovers phosphorus in sewage treatment. There is no excess sludge if a polyphosphate accumulating organism (PAO) enrichment biofilm is


A special issue of the journal Desalination looks at recent research advances in nanofiltration (NF) membranes, covering the key aspects of NF membrane pro


This Canadian study investigates a recently identified group of disinfection by-products, halo-benzoquinones, including formation and treatment in bench-sc


A new on-air foam cleaning method for dynamic filtration modules is investigated, with operation of a 500 L pilot plant using flat-sheet dynamic filtration


This work investigated the efficiency of a membrane bioreactor (MBR) and ozonation to remove endocrine disruptive potentials from hospital effluents. MBR t


A new seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) pretreatment unit has been evaluated for treating high-turbidity seawater. The pretreatment unit consists of a double


A standard methodology is presented for testing osmotically driven membrane process (ODMP) membranes, based on experience from and operating conditions use


Composite nanofiltration (NF) hollow fibres have been developed for water softening under 2 bar (29 psi) pressure. The membranes can achieve 20 LMH water f


A commercially available forward osmosis system – the HydroWell™ system from Hydration Technology Innovations™ – has been evaluated for use in disaster rel


Here an electro-ultrafiltration (EUF) process was used to separate a representative UV filter micropollutant, 4-methylbenzylidene camphor (4-MBC), from wat


This paper provides an updated review on the boron problem, and discusses methods for boron removal as well as comparative studies on technologies for wate


German company MICRODYN-NADIR has installed membrane bioreactor technology to ensure that wastewater from a hospital meets the highest possible effluent st


This review surveys reports on boron transport and removal using ion-exchange membranes. The economic feasibility of boric acid separation by electrodialys


This review paper considers the removal efficiency of treatment processes for antibiotics in urban wastewaters. The removal efficiency is dependent on anti


This study reports on a promising new chloramine-based disinfectant, dichloroisocyanurate (DCC), for biofouling control in polyamide reverse osmosis membra


The application of sieves as pretreatment for conventional activated sludge processes has been evaluated based on pilot plant research at three wastewater


By offering process designers a combination of reverse osmosis and ion exchange technology to address water treatment issues, LANXESS aims to both lower co

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The webinar will look at common filter underdrain options to meet water quality regulations.


Through the joint test project, SNWA will evaluate the capabilities of Xylem's Water Network Optimization solution.


The design and engineering of MBBR and IFAS wastewater treatment plants is full of obstacles and mistakes made can be hard to remedy.


Cembrane recently joined the Ovivo group.


NX Filtration's direct nanofiltration membranes seek to offer strong advantages to meet the challenges of water scarcity.

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