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Water & wastewater features

Eaton shows that one filter is better than three

Eaton’s self-cleaning strainer can reduce the total cost of production due to reliable, continuous and nearly maintenance-free filtration process.

Improved phosphoric acid recovery from sewage sludge ash

Layer-by-layer nanofiltration membranes were used to recover phosphoric acid from leachate sewage sludge ash.


EnviQ™ UF membranes are submerged, flat-sheet membranes with a consistent pore size.


Basic engineering as a franchise concept offers containerized units with high flexibility at the smallest footprint requirement.


A comparison of the performance of a lab-scale pre-anoxic and post-aerobic submerged dynamic membrane bioreactor with conventional membrane bioreactors.


How Pentair’s X-Flow membranes deliver reliable, cleaner water for 600,000 people at Germany’s largest ultrafiltration treatment plant.


A review of recent progress in polymer-enhanced ultrafiltration for the removal of environmentally toxic contaminants from wastewaters.


BlueTech Forum 2019 takes place on 5-6 June at Kew Gardens, London, UK.


Air stripping water treatment technology is gaining traction within the drinking water treatment industry.


The role of 3D printed spacers for organic fouling mitigation in direct contact membrane distillation was evaluated.


Biomimetic approaches have the potential to overcome the problems associated with existing membranes, including excessive energy consumption.


Some considerations for process cooling fluids and how mechanically cleaned filters from Eaton can provide a solution.


Filtering contaminated water used for cooling at a Chinese steel plant using an Eaton 2596 automatic self-cleaning strainer.


A project to improve natural water resources using sustainable wastewater treatment technologies.


In this study, the gel-based filtration system was applied to the dewatering of copper mine tailings for the first time.


The REMEB technology could be implemented in municipal WWTPs throughout the world.


ZVI-sand filtration may be a promising basis for a point-of-use filtration system for reclaimed water irrigation on small-scale farms.


An upgraded wastewater treatment system with a smaller biological and separation footprint.


Collaboration could see a sustainable solution to remove micro- pollutants from water streams.


A brief look GKD's mesh design for micro sieving in water treatment operations.

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PCI Membranes completes the strategic acquisition of Pentair’s X-Flow Classic Tubular Membrane.


Eaton’s self-cleaning strainer can reduce the total cost of production due to reliable, continuous and nearly maintenance-free filtration process.


M&N Electrical and Mechanical Services Ltd provides servicing, maintenance, refurbishment, equipment hire, parts, spares and new equipment sales.

Sep ’19

Exhibition for process, drinking and wastewater.


Biwater ships three reverse osmosis trains to support the Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station in North Carolina.

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92nd Annual Technical Exhibition & Conference

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Desalination and advanced water treatment congress

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Flood exhibition and conference.

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Exhibition for process, drinking and wastewater.