The FRS 660-50-UL automatic fuel recirculating systems from RCI Technologies designed to automatically circulate and clean stored fuel at 50 gallons per minute on a pre-programmed schedule. The system is housed in a NEMA 4 key-lockable cabinet and is equipped with alarms to alert the user in the event of pump failure, purifier high water level, system high pressure and flow switch.

This FRS model is suitable for larger fuel storage tanks and is also available in a multi-tank version. As with all of RCI’s fuel recirculating systems, the FRS 660-50-UL uses RCI’s patented fuel purification technology, which can be used for primary fuel purification. The technology removes 99.9% of water, including emulsified water, and up to 98% of the normal solid or particulate contaminants found in all diesel fuel.
RCI’s fuel recirculating systems are UL 508A-listed and Green Clean Institute-certified, and all electrical components and connections are housed in NEMA 4X, weatherproof enclosures.