“This is an important first step toward full-scale commercial production of the AERIFY DPF,” said Kurt Krier, general manager, powertrain/emissions, at Dow Automotive Systems. “This will give us valuable manufacturing experience and additional in-use field performance data as we continue to finalise other commercial opportunities.”The Aerify DPFs, suitable for the diesel emission retrofit and aftermarket, provide low back pressure and reduce fuel consumption and lower carbon dioxide emissions when compared with other DPF technologies. They feature a highly porous, chemically treated ceramic honeycomb with a microstructure that provides high-filtration performance. They also have high coatability and improved chemical/ash resistance.
“The first commercial applications will incorporate the Aerify DPF into the aftermarket and retrofit markets as the need for DPF replacement parts and clean diesel retrofit technology grow in the US and Europe,” said Steve Majkowski, global marketing director, powertrain/emissions. “The aftermarket and retrofit markets want similar benefits as the OEM market: reduced fuel consumption, smaller package size and a lower system cost.”