The IBF from Donaldson helps prevent engine damage in environments including maritime and land-based operations alike.
Up to now, Donaldson’s inlet barrier filter systems have been in use in corporate, rescue, firefighting and utility missions. The filters can help prevent particulates and contaminants, including very small diameter sand/ramp grit and salt spray, from damaging turbines. 
The IBF system on board the A119/AW119 Ke helicopters features flat filter assemblies with an integral bypass design creating a sealed intake plenum. The emergency bypass capability is not included in traditional sand filters and particle separators. The system incorporates a compact cockpit switch which allows for indication/activation of the bypass system, and a filter maintenance aid which allows for on-condition inspections, pre- and post-flight, to assist in mission planning and visual inspection of filter condition. No restrictions are imposed for flight in falling or blowing snow or with visible moisture in non-icing conditions.