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Company’s production will be CO2 neutral by 2030.

Value Maritime installs onboard CO2 capture and storage unit

The captured CO₂ is used to charge Value Maritime’s CO₂ battery which will be offloaded in ports and transported to CO₂ customers for reuse.


The new products complement those launched in May.


The combifilter contains approximately 140 g of highly active activated carbon.


UK-based Filtermist Systems Limited will now include the first service visit with every installed oil mist filter purchased by domestic clients.


Three filtration solutions developed by Hengst help provide sustainable energy production.


The two-sided medium provides different characteristics that unlock advantages for the company’s products and converters in a brand-new way.


The ENTARON XR is based on Mann+Hummel’s ENTARON XD two-stage air filter.


Mann-Filter trademark first registered in August 1951.


GEA centrifugal separators specialise in fuel and lube oil treatment, bilge water treatment and sludge removal in marine applications.


Tolle has worked for Bosch for more than three decades.


CN95 certification was launched in February 2020 by the China Automotive Technology and Research Centre (CATARC).


Tests showed that the PureSOx scrubber technology could play a role in removing carbon at sea by performing CO2 capture on board.


The Micromag filter removes a high-proportion of ferrous contamination, including the finest of particles.


The oil-coolant module makes it possible to achieve a significant increase in oil differential pressure.


Alfa Laval recognised the importance of having a standardised, purpose-built solution for installing PureBallast 3 Ex on deck.


Additional products, including solutions for fuel cell air intake, will be launched in the coming months.


The nanofibre filter media consists of a carrier media and an extremely thin layer of ultra-fine polymer fibres.


The Porex CCV filter helps lower vehicle emissions of nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons and other harmful gases.


The redesigned filters are for use in offshore, marine, and steel mill applications.


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Special filtration solutions from Eaton clean trains reliably and efficiently to ensure any wear and tear is detected.


Company’s production will be CO2 neutral by 2030.


Special seals facilitate very thin cell designs.



The filter uses three-stage water separation.