Hot gas clean-up with a moving granular bed filter

The research article 'Hot gas clean-up technology of dust particulates with a moving granular bed filter' has been published in Elsevier journal Applied Thermal Engineering (Volume 74, 5 January 2015, Pages 146-155).


The purpose of this study is to investigate the efficiency and stability of moving granular bed filter (MGBF) in high-temperature environment with various operation conditions. Experiments were carried out to study the influence of various parameters, such as test temperature, mass flow rate of filter granules and filtration superficial velocity. The experimental facilities include an air fan, flow ducts, heaters of gas and filter granules, a screw feeder of dust particulates, a measurement system for size distribution of dust particulates, a filter granules supply device, a rotary valve, and a granular bed filter filled with filter granules. The results of this study indicate that this type of method can be useful to applications in different cross-flow filter systems for gas clean-up. From the results, with the conditions of filtration superficial velocities at 0.2 and 0.35 m/s, and the mass flow rate of filter granules at 0.01 kg/s, the better collection efficiency and the smaller-sized distribution of dust particulates were obtained for the case with operating temperature of 20 °C. The experimental results show that an average increase in operation temperature of 100 °C resulted in a decrease in average collection efficiency of 1.74%.

The focus in the current study is essentially the development of an MGBF that can be applied in the industrial environment. The results are expected to serve as the basis for future research.

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