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Research & Development features, January 2020

An innovative high salinity gradient pressure-retarded osmosis application for waterflooding in the petroleum industry.

Kerafol's dynamic cross-flow filtration

A look at dynamic cross-flow filtration (DCFF) with rotating ceramic membranes for intricate applications.


Controlled membrane chlorination prior to their use in separation processes can achieve improved membrane performance.


A new approach was developed to improve the performance of currently available solvent-resistant nanofiltration membranes.


Data-driven surrogate models were created using artificial neural networks.


Study suggests household paper towel pretreated with NaCl solution prevents penetration of viral-sized particles.


The latest advances in SiC and SiC composites used for the preparation of substrates and thin films in filters and membranes.


Potato starch wastewater contains high-concentration potato proteins which have great potential in the fields of food and healthcare.


A look at emerging trends in membrane science and technology for sustainable desalination and circular economy solutions.


This study tested different carbon-fiber fabrics as current collectors and laminated them successfully with ion-exchange membranes.


Research trends in forward osmosis technology over the last 20 years were analyzed.


Membranes with a wave pattern on the surface are proposed to alleviate microalgal fouling and increase the membrane flux.


The economics of CO2 removal from biogas using composite carbon molecular sieve (CCMS) membranes were evaluated.


MIT researchers explored the use of monovalent selective electrodialysis reversal in improving groundwater quality for irrigation.


An environmental-friendly procedure was developed for the fabrication of pure silicon carbide membranes on macroporous SiC support via ceramic processing.


This review showcases current research trends concerning UF membrane applications and processes.


A light conducting photocatalytic membrane for effective fouling reduction during water treatment.


Advances in fouling models, means to mitigate fouling and the modernization of membrane modules.


A study on the use of nanofiltration to remove drugs and heavy metals from wastewater.


New discoveries help to find the best approach to the problem of biofouling in water reverse osmosis.


A review of fouling mitigation strategies in forward osmosis and membrane distillation for desalination.


This study focuses on sub-nanometer separation operations such as desalination and gas separation.


New ideas and concepts for membrane materials and fabrication processes.


Technical and economic advantages of dynamic membranes over conventional processes are considered, and directions for future research discussed.


A review of state-of-art ceramic-based hybrid OSN membranes is presented.


This study examines the potential for membrane gas separation to replace solvent absorption in hydrogen cyanide processing.


A review of the current status and forthcoming advances in nanofiber technology and its application in seawater desalination and water treatment.


A review of state-of-the-art direct membrane filtration processes in treating different types of wastewater for water reclamation and resource recovery.

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Mar ’22

International filtration/separation exhibition and technical conference.


NX Filtration's direct nanofiltration membranes seek to offer strong advantages to meet the challenges of water scarcity.


Overview of recent developments in microfiltration and ultrafiltration of fruit juices published in Food and Bioproducts Processing journal.


Through the joint test project, SNWA will evaluate the capabilities of Xylem's Water Network Optimization solution.


The GKD Group enjoyed a very well attended stand on all four days at the INDEX exhibition in Geneva.

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Mar ’22

Jan ’22

Platform to share ideas and showcase HVACR technology.

Mar ’22

Exhibition and conference presenting new solutions and technologies for the industry.

Feb ’22

Symposium and exhibition for the nonwovens industry in the Middle-East and North Africa Region.

Feb ’22

The latest achievements in the science and technology of desalination.