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Research & Development features

Clean condensate by BHS candle filters

A German solid-liquid filtration specialist used candle filters to keep condensate clean during precious metal extraction.

Hybrid forward osmosis-solar powered membrane distillation system

Regeneration of fertilizer draw solutions was conducted using an membrane distillation process capable of being driven by solar power.


Challenges for the development of membranes for commercial applications are identified and the future outlook presented.


This paper reviews the advantages and challenges of current membrane-based technologies applied to the recovery of a water lithium resource.


This paper reviews how membrane performance affects the cost of reverse osmosis processes, especially the specific energy consumption.


Structure-performance models for porous and composite membranes are discussed.


An overview of the status of state-of-the-art hybrid CSP-desalination systems.


Viable and cost-effective brine management systems are needed to reduce environmental pollution.


Although many new polymeric membrane materials and synthesis methods are reported every year, green synthesis only makes up a small proportion.


Seawater desalination using gas hydrates has potential for water treatment, but the role of crystal nucleation, growth and separation needs further study.


Commercial automotive cabin air filters were evaluated and compared in terms of filtration and pollutant removal performance.


Layer-by-layer nanofiltration membranes were used to recover phosphoric acid from leachate sewage sludge ash.


This study focuses on enhancing the mechanical strength of aquaporin (AQP)-based biomimetic membranes for seawater desalination.


A comparison of the performance of a lab-scale pre-anoxic and post-aerobic submerged dynamic membrane bioreactor with conventional membrane bioreactors.


A review of recent progress in polymer-enhanced ultrafiltration for the removal of environmentally toxic contaminants from wastewaters.


This study investigates the production and characterization of air filter membranes from HIPS waste.


High recovery brackish water desalination is achieved by applying ICD technologies between consecutive reverse osmosis stages.


Thermally rearranged polymers and mixed matrix membranes are two approaches used to advance the performance of gas separation membranes.


Electrostatic enhanced air filters have the potential to achieve high filtration efficiency with low energy consumption.


Sodium-ion is a promising alternative technology to current lithium-ion batteries but new electrode and polymer electrolyte materials are needed.

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Sep ’19

TIWW will exhibit the entire water value chain from water treatment equipment, pumps, valves, tubes, meters, filters, and water hardware.


The company says it is changing the cost equation for brine management and minimal liquid discharge.

Feb ’20

Trade show for industrial pumps, valves and processes, including filter technology.


Candidates have until 15 December to submit their applications.


Biomitech has created an air purification system which uses the power of microalgae.

What’s coming up in research & development…
Sep ’19

American Filtration and Separations Society's fall conference.

Oct ’19

Desalination and advanced water treatment congress

Sep ’19

New applications and product development from science-based knowledge leaders.

Oct ’19

Takes place at INDA headquarters and The Nonwovens Institute.

Sep ’19

TIWW will exhibit the entire water value chain from water treatment equipment, pumps, valves, tubes, meters, filters, and water hardware.