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Ultrafiltration membranes for wastewater and water process engineering

This review showcases current research trends concerning UF membrane applications and processes.

Low-chemical membrane filtration of polluted water

A light conducting photocatalytic membrane for effective fouling reduction during water treatment.


Advances in fouling models, means to mitigate fouling and the modernization of membrane modules.


A study on the use of nanofiltration to remove drugs and heavy metals from wastewater.


New discoveries help to find the best approach to the problem of biofouling in water reverse osmosis.


A review of fouling mitigation strategies in forward osmosis and membrane distillation for desalination.


This study focuses on sub-nanometer separation operations such as desalination and gas separation.


New ideas and concepts for membrane materials and fabrication processes.


Technical and economic advantages of dynamic membranes over conventional processes are considered, and directions for future research discussed.


A review of state-of-art ceramic-based hybrid OSN membranes is presented.


This study examines the potential for membrane gas separation to replace solvent absorption in hydrogen cyanide processing.


A review of the current status and forthcoming advances in nanofiber technology and its application in seawater desalination and water treatment.


A review of state-of-the-art direct membrane filtration processes in treating different types of wastewater for water reclamation and resource recovery.


Two reaction based precoat methods were tested.


Particles play contradictory roles of foulants and fouling mitigators.


This review explains how to select appropriate materials and preparation methods to produce thermally stable thin film composite membranes.


This review focuses on emerging porous materials for the fabrication of membranes designed for carbon dioxide separation.


In this study at a full-scale desalination installation seven types of commercially available cartridge filter elements were evaluated.


The efficiency and stability of a moving granular bed filter (MGBF) was tested in a high-temperature environment under various operation conditions.


The alginate-based membranes investigated in this study demonstrated acceptable performance for OSN with excellent chemical stability.

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Key requirements and current development trends for membranes and separators for the vanadium redox flow battery are discussed.


The technology uses recycled PET carpet and plastic bottles to produce nonwovens such as filtration and acoustical products.


Aquatech Amsterdam will take place 5-8 November.


The test rig will be used for new filter media design, product development and quality control.

Sep ’20

Water industry show for Russia and Eastern Europe.

What’s coming up in research & development…
Apr ’20

Trade fair for industrial technology.

Apr ’20

International event for the power generation, renewable and alternative energy and transmission and distribution, and water-related industries.

Apr ’20

Exhibition for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Mar ’20

Exhibition for nonwovens professionals will now take place 20–23 October 2020.

Apr ’20

Training course for professionals with an engineering or materials science degree.