The EAD scrubber technology is the original circulating semi-dry scrubber technology developed by Solios in the 1980s. It removes SO2 as well as SO3, HCl, mercury and particulate matter from flue gas.
Bernard Cloutier, managing director of Solios Environnement, said: “The EAD technology has been applied successfully for the last 20 years on various industrial processes, including industrial boilers. This agreement between Hitachi and Solios will allow further development of the EAD technology and its application in the large power generation market.”
Henry Bartoli, president and CEO of Hitachi Power Systems America, added: “This technology is another great addition to Hitachi’s portfolio of emission control products and services. It allows us to offer complete power generation and pollution control systems with strong R&D to develop, integrate, and optimise performance and efficiency for power generation facilities.”