The new multiplexers from Axiom Analytical extend the capabilities of the FMX series, into the ultra-violet region of the spectrum, providing switching between up to 16 sampling points. The new product is suitable for use in applications such as pharmaceutical dissolution monitoring and the analysis of aromatic compounds and other strongly absorbing chromophores.
The FMX-200U offers a high degree of repeatability and an absence of the channel-to-channel frequency shifts characteristic of other multiplexer designs. It incorporates two proprietary retro-reflecting switching prisms which switch both the transmitted signal from the spectrometer and the signal returning to the optical detector.
FMX Series multiplexers can be controlled from a remote computer via a choice of RS-232, RS-422, or RS-485 ports. System commands are provided in two forms: a custom ASCII protocol, and a subset of the OPTO-22 instruction protocol. The multiplexers can be controlled by the Symbion Suite of analytical instrument software, which enables them to be integrated into systems for laboratory and on-line chemical process analysis.