The Meissner biocontainers, which are made of Meissner’s polyethylene-based TepoFlex film, are suitable for single-use system requirements within the biopharmaceutical industry.  They offer improved gas and water vapour barrier properties to provide protection for product stored within it.
The standard end-ported TepoFlex biocontainers are available with silicone or TPE tubing with a variety of connections, and can be specified with or without filter capsules. There is a full selection of STyLUX and EverLUX PES membrane filter capsules, as well as SteriLUX PVDF membrane filter capsules. Custom end-ported biocontainers optimised for end-user’s requirements can also be specified.
TepoFlex® biocontainers are certified animal component free (AFC). The film is extruded, manufactured into biocontainers and packaged in an ISO Class 7 cleanroom.