The FlexFill assembly from Meissner aseptically transfers bottled cell culture media, sera, reagents, supplements, buffers and microcarriers to a bioreactor. It can mitigate the risk of product contamination and addresses the challenges associated with directly transferring sterile bottled liquids to single-use or multiple-use bioreactor systems in non-permissive environments.
Meissner’s single-use biocontainer transfer assembly has an extra large screw cap port and unique location for rapid and convenient filling of the biocontainer assembly. This step can be conducted aseptically inside a laminar flow hood using the company’s portable stainless steel FlexCessory stand. Once filled, the liquid can either be stored in the biocontainer assembly or transferred, incrementally or in its entirety. FlexFill assemblies can be customised to support aseptic connectivity with a host of fitting and tubing options.
The FlexFill fluid transfer assembly is part of Meissner’s expanding single-use liquid handling portfolio and is manufactured from Meissner’s pharmaceutical-grade TepoFlex film. The assembly is delivered sterile and is available in volumes from 500 mL to 6 L.