The ZLD.eco2 process sets new standards in lowering the cost of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) systems in terms of both OPEX and CAPEX.

The ZLD.eco2 process uses a series of innovative filtration and separation technologies to reduce the subsequent evaporation of residual waste products to a minimum and lower energy requirements. The system's modular design also reduces the plant footprint.

"Aquarion is focused on constantly improving the efficacy and cost-effectiveness of ZLD solutions. Based on the technologies used, we believe that ZLD.eco2 is the lowest cost ZLD system available today," said Karl Michael Millauer, Chief Executive Officer of Aquarion Group.
"The term 'eco' in 'ZLD.eco2' signifies the economic advantages of this system. Moreover, the new ZLD.eco2 represents a significant enhancement over the original ZLD-ECO process introduced by Aquarion last year," he added.

Compared with conventional systems without pre-concentration, ZLD.eco2 requires about 20% less energy. Also, since the evaporation system is smaller, less cooling energy is needed for the condensation process. These savings can amount to as much as 80%. Further savings can be achieved thanks to the modular construction of the system. The savings in terms of staffing are around 20%, while commissioning costs are also lower by 20%. Additionally, the reduced consumption of chemicals consumption is another advantage. Thanks to savings on different levels, investments in ZLD.eco2 have a very short payback period.