The Twister technology expands UOP’s current suite of natural gas processing technologies and equipment that remove impurities such as water, carbon dioxide, sulfur compounds and mercury from natural gas streams, and that separate and recover natural gas liquids.

Honeywell’s UOP has also acquired a minority interest in Twister BV.
“Natural gas has quickly become an important source of energy in markets around the world,” said Rajeev Gautam, president and CEO of Honeywell’s UOP. “Twister’s state-of-the-art solutions put UOP in a unique position to offer turn-key gas processing solutions and give our customers an advantage in a rapidly growing segment.”
The Twister Supersonic Separator is used to condense and separate water and heavy hydrocarbons for natural gas dehydration, hydrocarbon dewpointing and natural gas liquid extraction. The compact, lightweight system has no rotating parts and requires no chemicals; these features allow for simple and reliable operation.