PurLucid’s technology separates oil from lithium bearing brine.

The two companies will combine their proprietary and patented technologies to extract lithium and other valuable metals, minerals and hydrocarbons from lithium bearing oil well brine and other highly mineralized oil industry by-product streams.
“In PurLucid, we have found an ideal fit in terms of advanced brine processing technology as well as scientific and engineering expertise in brine management that will take oil field lithium brine processing to the operational phase in operating oil fields. The combined technology will likely yield the most advanced and robust industrial technology for the production of lithium and other valuable minerals from oil wells in the world,” said MGX’s CEO Jared Lazerson.
“We plan to have the engineering phase completed shortly and are looking at starting physical installation of a test plant in Q1 2017, in line with PurLucid’s existing engineering and construction schedule,” added Lazerson.