Heumann Environmental Co.’s (HEC) main applications will be industrial processing, recovery and pollution control applications in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, wood products and utilities.
Besides the cyclone technology, HEC will also provide scrubber, filter and electrostatic precipitator (ESP) equipment.
Industry expert, company founder and CEO William L. Heumann who previously worked at another environmental services company, says HEC was formed to address the most vexing particle/gas separation challenges. “Maximising process efficiency, and doing so quickly and efficiently, provides the greatest value to customers,” he said. “We are here to solve problems, assembling knowledgeable teams, and recommending and manufacturing equipment as needed to custom engineered solutions.”
The company can develop entirely new systems for new industrial operations, or analyse existing industrial systems to determine the causes of underperformance and recommend actions to optimise processes. It also provides troubleshooting and optimisation, balanced air ventilation system design, fluid bed system design, aerodynamic particle size analysis (liquid sedimentation), pilot testing education and technical resources. To help company engineers identify the possible causes of sub-par performance, and to provide possible solutions, HEC has also established a technical library and a step-by-step cyclone diagnostic resource on its website. The company also offers technical seminars and lectures to provide additional insight to engineers and production management involved in sourcing cyclone or related process equipment.