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Filtration and Separation news, September 2020

The mask includes a soft three-layer polypropylene filter medium.

TIWW & CE Taiwain 2020 promote ESG and 5R concepts

The next edition of TIWW and CE Taiwan will be held at Taipei World Trade Center, Hall 1 from 14–16 October 202.


Across a sample set of 10 pipette filter tips, the testing demonstrated a mean filtration efficiency of 99.36%.


BrineRefine targets specific ions-of-concern through its IonSelect solution set.


Biomweb is a nature-based system which is a combination of hydrology, sedimentation, filtration and biological treatment for wastewater.


The LiquiPro range includes cartridges, capsules and their respective housings.


The two companies will work together to develop a prototype industrial liquid-waste treatment system.


Proceeds will be used to accelerate growth.


Using a vacuum deposition process, the surface energy of Vyon and its internal tortuous structure can be altered to promote hydrophilic characteristics.


Expands in active charcoal and molecular filtration.


FILTECH 2021 will look at the efficient separation of sustainable stone products.


The treatment uses a natural process whereby algae biologically treat wastewater.


DuPont OxyMem MABR modules were lowered into the existing anoxic zone on site to boost nitrification capacity.


The initiative will help companies explore alternative microbial stabilisation methods.


Steve Bittle joined the group four years ago as chief design officer.


The PuraMem VOC offers a polymer-based membrane technology for separation of long-chain hydrocarbons from a natural gas or nitrogen mixture.


The course will take place on four consecutive days from 16–19 November 2020.


The nanofiltration membranes can remove pharmaceuticals, pesticides, microplastics and PFAS from water in a one-step process.


The new membrane-chiller hybrid plant uses ultra-high pressure reverse osmosis (UHP-RO) technology to replace a thermal evaporator.


The free-to-access digital portal is accessible at any time via desktop and mobile browsers.


The filtration media will be used for face masks and high-efficiency air filtration systems.


Antonio Sempere has more than 10 years of experience with tubular ultrafiltration membrane technology.


Veolia Water Technologies subsidiary VWS Westgarth Ltd has won an engineering, procurement and construction contract with Yinson.


The Ohio-based company provides water treatment products and services.


The Celltron filter press from MSE aims to help fulfil the ever-increasing demand for batteries of highest storage density and reliability.


The system uses very small carbon particles.


The GOGO membranes show a 100% separation efficiency of oil from water and use approximately 95% less energy than RO.


The first unit in this configuration was assembled at the Seitz Stainless facility in Avon, Minnesota.


Ligasep modules can be integrated into a degassing system and offer minimum water pressure drop with no added chemicals or airborne water contamination.


The first seminar since the restart was conducted for a leading company in the oil and gas sector.


The new SANICIP II maintains and controls the pressure drop through the filtration bags more effectively.


Xylem partners help deliver the face shields to healthcare and water workers.


The company has redesigned the internal workings and used modified materials to create extra membrane surface area.


The Zero Brine project aims to treat brine as a resource rather than unwanted waste.


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The US distributor's products include filters.


Products also include fine separators.


Genano’s air decontaminators use a patented cold-plasma technology based on powerful electronic air purification without any physical filters.


New and expanded CentraSep production facility in Noblesville.


Crystal-Aire UV includes up to four stages of air purification.

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