The new c-series of classifiers from International Innovative Technologies Ltd. (IIT) is specifically designed to tightly control the particle size distribution of finer products and particularly for cut-points in the range of 10–160 microns, although dedicated models can also be used effectively for finer material applications.
The company says that these robust, high throughput air-stream units can accommodate the requirements of most fine powder production applications and are capable of maximising separation efficiency without compromising system energy requirements.
The c-series construction comprises a classifier body and wheel which are aerodynamically formed to reduce system pressure drop, maintaining the power demand of the system fan at an optimum level. Additionally, unlike other designs, IIT’s c-series classifiers have no secondary airflow requirement which can increase power consumption and affect system efficiency.
As a result, the advanced design of the new range of classifiers ensures that particle size remains consistent under steady state conditions. Particle size cut-point changes are also easily controlled by a smooth, stepless adjustment of the classifier wheel speed – even during operation – with the higher the wheel speed, the finer the product.
To cope with the demands of the most abrasive powders, the classifier wheel blades are made from specially hardened steel to reduce attrition and ATEX rated models can also be provided for use with hazardous materials.
The new c-series classifiers are available for stand-alone particle sizing applications and can also be supplied as part of complete material processing solutions in combination with IIT’s s-series of high efficiency cyclones and patented m-series milling technology.