The filtration solutions to be developed and offered to the clients of Bombardier Transportation will include an antimicrobial property, based on the Noveko patented technology. Such filtration solutions could become an addition to the new Bombardier Healthy Transit initiative, which includes the Bombardier Antimicrobial Surface Treatment programme.

Features of Noveko air filtration solutions enable users to achieve energy savings related to their ventilation systems and to reduce the number of filters used, resulting in major cost savings. These filters are also washable and recyclable, making them an environmental solution.

Francois Trofim-Breuer, director of Material Solution at Bombardier Transportation said: “At Bombardier, our commitment to find ever-more efficient and cost-effective rail transportation solutions in order to better serve our clients motivated us to team up with Noveko. We believe that the integration of their filtration technologies fits perfectly with our ongoing sustainable development strategy and with the importance to create ‘green’ and ‘healthy’ solution for our clients.”