This development ensures full compliance with both UK and EU standards and the range can be safely used in the most demanding environments. These include medical, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries, tunnel construction, mining, diving and offshore industries.
Bulk water, in liquid and gaseous form must be eliminated from the breathing air and industry standards state this should be at a pressure dewpoint not exceeding –11°C because water entering the filtration system renders the catalysts useless.  So the first stage of the purification process is a desiccant air dryer.
The latest ‘Atacama – CT’ modular dryer unit from Hi-line Industries for the manufacture of BS EN 12021 compliant high quality breathing air.
The Atacama – CT breathing air dryer is controlled by a digital controller with built-in dewpoint control.  This is pre-set on the breathing air application and moves to stand-by once a dewpoint of  -15°C PDP is achieved, ensuring energy efficient secure air quality. The clean, dry air enters the desiccant dryer and a third vessel containing activated carbon and a catalyst, removes odours, taste substances and gases. Finally, a particulate filter removes dust particles and takes over from the desiccant, allowing the operator to breathe clean, dry air, free from contaminants.