Mann+Hummel’s new Asia Pacific headquarters for Intelligent Air Solutions in Singapore, the initial commissioning of a lithium recovery system in Canada and Grundfos’s clean water partnership with Novozymes were the most popular stories on the Filtration+Separation website in December 2017.

1. Mann+Hummel opens Asia Pacific HQ for Intelligent Air Solutions in Singapore

Filtration specialist Mann+Hummel Group has inaugurated its new Asia Pacific headquarters for Intelligent Air Solutions (IAS) in Singapore.

The new headquarters will drive the growth of the company’s OurAir business, which offers indoor air quality solutions that combine Mann+Hummel’s air filtration expertise with advanced digital technologies.

2. MGX Minerals and PurLucid announce initial commissioning of lithium recovery system

MGX Minerals Inc reports that engineering partner PurLucid Treatment Solutions has partially commissioned the commercial-scale NFLi lithium recovery system at its new manufacturing facility in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

3. Grundfos partners with Novozymes for clean water

Grundfos and the Danish biotechnology company Novozymes have entered into an open innovation collaboration to find new solutions to the world’s water challenges.

The partnership takes place on, an online platform launched by Novozymes in September 2017 where entrepreneurs, startups and others can connect with industry.