As well as cleaning the fuel gas stream entering a turbine they can be used in any gas pipework system to prevent damage to instruments or equipment from contaminants such as pipe-scale, dust or particles that may be present in the unfiltered gas.

The Dollinger GP-146 filter incorporates the efficient radial fin element design which provides the largest filtration area for a given element size. This increases dirt holding capacity, minimises pressure drop and results in an extended service life. The filter element support structure is constructed from steel suitable for the particular application. Standard element design ensures its integrity up to differential pressures of 3.45 bar and beyond, with special bespoke designs available where required.

As standard, the Dollinger GP-146 filter housing is designed and constructed in accordance with the ASME VIII, Division I Pressure Vessel construction code. In addition, Dollinger can also provide full design services to other pressure vessel codes e.g. BS5500, Stoomwezen, AD Merkblätter, CODAP and AS 1210. Flexibility is also built in so if process conditions change following installation, it is possible to interchange elements to vary the degree of filtration.