These types of certifications are essential for dairy and food & beverage manufacturers who use membrane filtration in their processing methods, as they strive to meet the cultural needs of their customers.

The following sanitary membranes are all compliant with both Kosher and Halal standards:

Halal Certification – Islamic Services of America

After a full audit at Synder HQ in Vacaville, CA, all sanitary membranes were deemed compliant with Halal standards by the team of auditors at the ISA. This certificate permits the use and consumption of items made via membrane filtration, as they are all compliant with Islamic religious requirements and dietary laws.

Kosher Pareve Certification – Earth Kosher Certification Agency

Rabbi Yehuda Goldman and his team at the Earth Kosher Certification Agency reviewed all the membranes within Synder’s Sanitary Series to verify that all components conformed to the Kashrut, or Jewish Dietary Law. This enables any goods produced using Synder’s sanitary membrane filtration elements to be used and/or consumed by members of the Jewish community.