The Sionix DAF unit will remove natural but undesirable constituents from the maple sap that slows sugarhouse production.
“As the weather warms, the undesirable constituents in the sap increase, leading to lower quality syrup. Crown Maple expects that removing these constituents will extend the production of high quality syrup and result in higher revenues, as projected by Crown Maple. Maintenance and operational costs are expected to be lowered because of the sap filtration provided by our DAF unit,” said Sionix chief science officer Mark Hayes.
“We decided to lease this system to effectively extend our harvest season by producing higher quality syrup over a longer period of time, to improve the quality of harvested sap by removing undesirable contaminants, to remove the bacteria and microbes resulting from warmer weather, and to increase syrup processing efficiencies. We are excited for this harvest season and the results we anticipate from the Sionix DAF,” added Crown Maple CEO Robb Turner.
The Sionix system has already been delivered to the maple syrup facility, and it is expected to begin operation when sap harvesting starts in February 2013.