The Model FF4 Metal Separator from Eriez
The Model FF4 Metal Separator from Eriez

The Model FF4 Metal Separator from Eriez®, used to inspect dry bulk products under gravity free-fall conditions, is used mainly in the plastics and food industries where high sensitivity is required.
The Model FF4 Metal Separator detects all ferrous and non-ferrous metal contamination (i.e. steel, aluminum, brass, stainless steel) - even when enclosed in the product. Metal contaminants are rejected through the separator’s ‘Quick Flap’ reject unit.
“The new Model FF4 Metal Separator reduces expensive machinery failure and minimises production downtime,” says John Klinge, Product Manager-Metal Detection. “This powerful separator effectively ensures product quality and prevents customer complaints.”
The Model FF4 features separate detection and reject valves. The position of the reject outlet can be adjusted to match the collection drum or container. This separator has a low vertical height, enabling an easy fit into existing gravity pipeline systems. It also offers high sensitivity to all metals and provides increased interference immunity to electromagnetic interference and vibration. Its pre-installed parameters facilitate easy operation.
The Model FF4, with its automatic or manual product compensation, allows flexible adaptation to product conductivity. Standard Jacobs adaptors for inlet and outlet connections enable simplified and swift installation. The separators are available in six standard pipe sizes: 3.15 in. (80 mm), 3.94 in. (100 mm), 4.72 in. (120 mm), 5.9 in. (150 mm), 7.87 in. (200 mm) and 9.84 in. (250 mm). A variety of options and accessories are available.