The Thermo Scientific iCE 3300GF, part of the company’s iCE 3000 Series range of AA spectrometers, is suitable for deuterium background correction and can be used in analytical applications in environmental, academic, clinical and food safety laboratories.
The spectrometer includes an integrated furnace autosampler for preparing standards and intelligently diluting over-range samples, as well as an Ebert optical system. It also has a graphite furnace vision system (GFTV), which provides a real-time internal view of the graphite cuvette, allowing observation of sample deposition and drying behaviour.
The iCE 3300GF is a dedicated graphite furnace system with low sample consumption; only a few micro liters of sample have to be injected into the graphite cuvette for analysis. The instrument is suitable laboratories that currently use flame AA or ICP, but require higher sensitivity.
The iCE 3300GF AA spectrometer includes the Thermo Scientific SOLAAR software, and for laboratories that must comply with 21 CFR Part 11, Thermo Scientific SOLAARsecurity software is available, which offers a permission control function and tools for electronic signatures.