It is well-known that combining natural water with a small amount of salt and applying an electrical current will produce a natural disinfectant that is very similar to the chemical process used by the human body to fight infection. This environmentally-friendly technology can now be applied to disinfection in the food and beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries.
APV FX SafeWater from SPX produces Hypochlorous acid (HOCL), which is a weak acid and a powerful sanitiser and cleaning agent that is substantially more effective than hypochlorite. It sanitises process equipment rapidly and effectively without the need for heating, which substantially lowers safety risks during handling.
SPX has performed a number of process equipment disinfection tests that confirm the disinfection capabilities of APV FX SafeWater on process equipment. Analyses confirm significant reduction of bacteria on stainless steel surfaces and in final rinse water.
In addition to producing a powerful and natural sanitiser (HOCL), the APV FX SafeWater generator (plate configuration), a proprietary licensed technology, also produces large amounts of ‘ready-to-use’ caustic electrolyte that is a highly efficient cleaning agent.
The disposal of APV FX SafeWater after use is environmentally sustainable because the fluid is quickly neutralised upon contact with organic materials on the way to or at the wastewater treatment plant. A major disposal advantage is that the water contains no dangerous disinfection chemicals of any kind.
APV FX SafeWater has potential benefits for food and beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical processors including: providing a replacement for sanitisers and chemical detergents; improved microbial efficiency; destruction of pathogens; reduction in CIP time; reduced water usage; and safety for the people utilising it.