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Study indicates it is possible to use discarded RO membranes in FO technology for wastewater treatment after adequate treatment procedures.


A novel nanofiber interpenetrating composite membrane for CO2/N2 separation.


This article examines how measurement, monitoring, and control in industrial equipment can ensure sustained performance.


An aquarium required a life support system which removes the waste material excreted by the fish. A moving bed bioreactor provided the solution.


Here we examine how a stainless steel mesh was incorporated into a pollen mask for athletes to be worn when training.


The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in increased demand for air filtration based personal protective equipment.


Considering correct filter installation in buildings and how to ensure supplementary HEPA air purification systems are fit for purpose.


Two Indian automotive manufacturers have found a new way to improve the quality and efficiency of parts and end products.


A review of recent developments and research trends in MD membranes.


How the innovation-total cost of ownership-profitability causation loop is the route to better products and higher profits in the pharmaceutical industry.


Lignin dissolved in NaOH solution can be coated on different substrates to improve surface hydrophilicity.


How Eaton's gas/liquid separator reduced the likelihood of turbine failure in one of world's largest solar power towers.


Membrane technology offers great potential in saline wastewater treatment due to its high permeate quality, flexibility, and desalination capability.


Experts at the forthcoming FiltXPO discuss how nonwoven filtration media can help society better conserve, reuse and reclaim this precious resource.


Advances in smart process monitoring and control also highlighted.


Challenges and future opportunities in materials design and fabrication.


At a biogas plant, selective hollow fibre membranes will remove the carbon dioxide from the raw biogas, resulting in high purity Biomethane and bio-CO2.


Scalability is critical for accurately extrapolating filtration performance and reliably extending viral clearance to manufacturing scale.


A US city saw its 2019 average daily flow increase by almost one million gallons from 2018. Proactive measures have been key in dealing with this rise.


A review of the current state of osmosis-assisted processes using forward osmosis.

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NIG Nutritionals has been trialling Hydroxsys’ equipment since the start of 2021.


MECO operates in the industrial water treatment market.


Saltworks’ process harvests lithium hydroxide solids that reach or exceed battery-grade specifications.


The decanters will be used to thicken and dewater sludge.


The filters will be part of the factory's process systems.

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Sep ’21

Organisers say the content to be presented in September 2021 will be very similar to that of the postponed WFC13 in April 2020.

Sep ’21

Sep ’21

The latest achievements in science and technology of desalination.

Sep ’21

Conference examining critical water security issues in the Arab region.

Sep ’21

4th international air conditioning and refrigeration exhibition.