“Ultrasonic cleaners come in a variety of sizes based on dimensions of the cleaning tank, says Robert Sandor, PhD, a director of Tovatech. “They range from tabletop models to industrial-sized floor models, and are capable of cleaning filters in minutes without damage.”

Cleaners are equipped with ultrasonic generators operating at frequencies such as 37 kHz. These excite tank-mounted transducers that create millions of microscopic bubbles in the cleaning solution. Bubbles implode on contact with the filters being cleaned to blast away contaminants from any surface immersed in the ultrasonic cleaning solution. Depending on models, ultrasonic filter cleaners such as the Elmasonic equipment available from Tovatech will have timers, temperature controllers, sweep and degas options. Rinse stations and drying stations are also available for assembly line filter cleaning.

Cleaning solution chemistry is key to an effective operation, Dr. Sandor points out. Filters that trap grease particles, for example, require an emulsifying formulation that breaks down the grease and allows it to float to the surface to be skimmed off and set aside for later disposal. An example is elma tec clean A4, a biodegradable all-purpose concentrate that dilutes with water to make a 1 to 5% solution. Tovatech’s scientists are prepared to recommend other cleaning solution formulations based on the nature of contaminants and filter material.