Techtextil is one of the leading international trade fairs for technical textiles and nonwovens. The complete global market of technical textiles will be showcased at the most important forum for the industry, held in Frankfurt from 16-18 June.

The exhibition is divided into exhibition areas, making it easier for visitors to speak to the most relevant people for their needs. Application areas include:


  • Agrotech
  • Buildtech
  • Clothtech
  • Geotech
  • Hometech
  • Indutech
  • Medtech
  • Mobiltech
  • Oekotech
  • Packtech
  • Protech
  • Sporttech

with the most relevant to filtration technologies being:


Geotech - home to new concepts and products in road construction, civil engineering, dam and waste site construction.

Indutech - contains solutions and products for mechanical engineering and for the chemical and electrical industries.

Medtech - contains the complete range of innovations in the manufacture, processing and application of medical and hygiene products.

Oekotech  - stands for new ideas and interesting concepts in environmental protection, waste disposal and recycling.

The last event was held in 2007 and attracted over 20000 visitors, and over 1000 exhibitors from 43 countries. Similar numbers are expected this year.

Filtration+Separation spoke to some of the exhibitors to see what new products they would be showing at the event.

Sandler AG - C29, Hall 3.1


For the filtration industry Sandler will present an innovative new development at this year‘s Techtextil exhibition: The 100% single-polymer, synthetic filter medium sawaloom® plus, which combines the filtration properties of a pocket filter with the suitability of a panel filter for small installation spaces. The pleatable, self-supporting and thermo plastic material consists of a coarse and a fine filter layer. Owing to its depth filtration properties, it features a high dust holding capacity and thus a long operating life. Consequently, sawaloom® plus offers cost and energy efficiency combined with depth filtration properties. The filtration nonwoven unites in one medium what previously could only be achieved through material combinations or the installation of multiple filters up to now. sawaloom® plus, available  in filter grade F6 through F9, is therefore aimed at industrial as well as household applications.
Furthermore, the new sawascreen®-series offers further improved functionalities in the fine dust filtration. Available in the lower-priced series sawascreen® eco plus and in the high-value variants sawascreen® premium plus, these nonwovens feature a prefilter which is directly attached to the material, thus prolonging the operating life of the filter and allowing for its utilization in fine filter applications according to VDI 6022. Currently, the fitting of an additional prefilter is necessary in such applications. sawascreen® premium plus further distinguishes itself through its decreased pressure drop as well as its high dust holding capacity. Above all, sawascreen® premium plus impresses with a continuous performance throughout the operating life of the filter. Even after discharging this product series features high efficiencies and therefore already meets future testing standards.
Also in this market segment, Sandler AG presents a multitude of synthetic materials for a variety of applications. The product range entails pocket filter and filter mats in the filter grades G2 – F9 as well as self-supporting and pleatable filter media for high-quality particle filters up to filter class H11. The materials offer a homogeneous fibre structure with submicron-technology and feature excellent processability. Moreover, Sandler-filter media are bacteriostatic and, contrary to glass fibre materials, are fibre shedding free. Apart from the predominant HVAC-applications Sandler offers media for vacuum cleaner bags as well as respiratory protection systems and climate control filters in electric appliances.
Johns Manville - E79, Hall 3.1
With a new “heavyweight“ variation of its SpunFil® product, JM has extended its polyester spunbond range for filtration. The 260 g/m² filter media for industrial air filtration increases the stiffness, stability and filter efficiency significantly.
The filtration portfolio has also been enlarged with energy-efficient media for air pollution control and gas turbines.