The Engineering Materials Achievement Award (EMAA) recognizes outstanding achievements in the field of materials science. It is given annually to one company by ASM International, a society dedicated to the development and commercialization of materials that advance production techniques and facilitate innovation.

Pall developed its unique filter medium from intermetallic porous iron aluminide to provide fail-safe filtration in high-temperature applications such as catalytic petroleum refining and next-generation fossil fuel conversion to synthetic natural gas. This advanced filter technology exceeds current and proposed air quality emissions requirements. It enables energy producers to operate reliably while producing traditional and alternative fuels in an environmentally responsible manner.

By providing hot corrosion resistance, strength and reasonable cost, the compound provides a robust material for the refinement of biomass and sulfur-containing fossil fuels, such as clean coal and sour crude oil. Porous iron aluminide filters are suitable for long-term service in temperatures as high as 1475° F (802° C).

Eric Krasnoff, Pall's chief executive officer said: “Receiving the EMAA from ASM Int is truly an honour. It underscores Pall's commitment to providing customers with world-class, game-changing filtration materials that make their processes more environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, and efficient. We thank and congratulate the Pall team that propelled this product to success. We also recognize the vital contributions of Oak Ridge National Laboratories for their expertise in high-temperature materials and Ametek, Inc. for their experience in powder metals.”

The 2011 Engineering Materials Achievement Award will be formally presented to Pall Corporation in October 2011 at the ASM International Materials Science and Technology conference in Columbus, Ohio.