RISE conference, 25 - 28 January, Louisiana, USA.
RISE conference, 25 - 28 January, Louisiana, USA.

The RISE conference program will feature numerous valuable panels and speakers around the following themes:

  • Industry Opportunities and Challenges
    Nicholas Mallos, director,Trash Free Seas, Ocean Conservancy, will speak about the consequences of microfibers as an emerging pollutant. Ronald Pangrazi, director, Engineered Fabrics Technology, Wacker Chemical Corporation, will share an assessment on flushable wipes in a presentation on “A 'Fatberg' Ate My Baby.”
  • Machinery Advancements
    Highlights include presentations on forming hook fasteners using ultrasonics by Jerry Rocha, president, Creative Machine Designs, Inc. and SMART Machine Automation Technology for Nonwovens by Bob Carney, director Of SMART Technology, Xerium Technologies, Inc.
  • Energy Economics and Olefin Trends
    Peter Ricchiuti, assistant dean of Freeman School of Business School and professor of practice, Tulane University, will share his insights on “Oils Well That End Well.” Chuck Carr, senior director, Global Olefins, IHS Chemical, will look at raw material for nonwovens.

  • Innovative Hygiene Technologies
    Topics in these sessions include fluff pulp by Judson Fidler, technical customer service manager, Suzano Pulp and Paper; odor elimination by Neda Keshavarzi, postdoctoral researcher, Max-Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces; and airflow systems by Rick Klaus, technical sales, Osprey Corporation.
  • Advanced Materials
    Learn about such coming advances as self-healing biopolymers from Melik Demirel, professor of engineering, Pennsylvania State University; recycled carbon fiber, Andrew Maxey, founder & president of Vartega Carbon Fiber Recycling LLC; meltblown fibers, James Henry, senior research engineer, Arkema Inc.; and milkweed fiber, Debbie Dekleva, wild idea cultivator, Monarch Flyway.