FilterFAB 150 from Franklin Adhesives & Polymers is a sealant designed to instantly bond pleated glass or paper media to a range of framing substrates used in framed air intake panel filters.
FilterFAB 150 is a fibre-filled, vinyl acrylic copolymer and can blend high viscosity and high solids into a thick formula that dries quickly and remains flexible. It has an instant set time so there is no need for clamping.
The filter assembly adhesive can adhere to frames made of steel, wood, plastic and aluminium. Although its primary purpose is to bond the media to the frames – the sealant typically is applied to the trough of the frame, and the assembly then wrapped around the pleated media – it can also seal joints in indoor and outdoor HVAC duct systems.
FilterFAB 150 is water-based, non-flammable, produces no harmful fumes and contains no added formaldehyde. It has antimicrobial agents that help the sealant stay bacteria-free, reducing the risk of air contamination. The sealant also is UL-listed, passing 181 A-M and 181 B-M testing for safety.