Belzona, the designer and manufacturer of polymer repair composites and industrial protective coatings, has pioneered a new generation of spray applied filler free polymer alloy that it says provides robust protection of a ceramic coating without causing wear or damage to spray equipment. 

Where ‘sprayable’ ceramic filled coatings are conventionally used, these can not only cause extensive damage to equipment but also provide only a limited level of erosion-corrosion protection. Belzona 1331 and Belzona 1381 bypass these issues while providing superior erosion resistance.

In fluid conveying equipment such as pipelines, pumps, valves and chutes it is conventional to use a robust and durable filler in order to protect against erosive conditions. Where ceramic filler is used, this is unsuitable for spray application due to the hard, angular nature of the ceramic particles causing damage to equipment. But now with new Belzona technology, this essential protection can be achieved without causing damage to equipment.
As a ‘spray-friendly’ coating (one which does not wear or damage spray equipment), this novel class of erosion resistant coatings can also be used in a wide range of abrasive environments where brush or roller application is not practical.

Further testament to the versatility of these novel materials is the level at which they provide resistance within high temperature immersion. Belzona 1331 was found to be suitable for immersion at temperatures up to 500C (1220F) while Belzona 1381 is suitable for immersion at temperatures up to 950C (2030F).

The excellent edge retention and film build-up of the polymer alloy means the material can also be used in a variety of geometries, including girth welds on pipeline internal field joints. An example that demonstrates this versatility can be identified in the recent application of Belzona 1331 on marine equipment.
Belzona’s technical services engineer, Kyle Flanagan said, “Marine equipment which was previously difficult to protect due to internal pitting, small diameter and aggressive service conditions is now enjoying successful service following protection using Belzona 1331 applied using spin spray techniques.”

A spokeswoman for the company said: ''With Belzona 1331 and Belzona 1381, customers can benefit from the previously unachievable combination of superior erosion resistance, rapid application times and long-term corrosion protection.''